Thomas "Was very happy dealing with Elliot and Keith. Got financed fast and at a better rate than expected. Found the car I liked just by Keith's suggestion. Give'em a call!" Thomas, Chevy Equinox
Brittany "Treated great, honestly couldn't be any happier with my service." Brittany, Pontiac Grand Am
Anthony "I'm very impressed with their professionalism and the quality of the vehicle at a responsible price. Would do business again." Anthony, Toyota Tacoma
Robert "I found they were good to work with and get you in the drivers seat." Robert, Hyundai Elantra
Amanda Amanda, Chevy Cobalt
Lar "Thank you company." Lar, Honda Civic
Johanna and Brian, "This is the third car we bought here, excellent trade in allowance made the deal." Johanna and Brian, Nissan Rogue
Dayle "I was very happy with the service I recieved. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They helped me find just what I wanted." Dayle, Chevy Impala
Brian and Johanna "Bought first car two years ago. Very satisfied, this was the first place we considered for another." Brian and Johanna, Pontiac Grand Am
Tun "Happy" Tun, Toyota Cammry